Thursday, March 20, 2014

A tribute to my daughter on her birthday!

After preschool today in her birthday get up

Today is my sweet daughter Isla's 5th birthday!  I can hardly believe she is five years old.  She is like her mama and is born on the first day of spring....and she sure is a ray of sunshine.   (I was born on the first day of winter) She is the sweetest, most compassionate, tender hearted little darling ever.  She can be both shy and bossy.  She has an inner grace that is almost regal, but can also be one of the silliest girls ever.  She loves anything girly and frilly. HATES wearing pants..only wants to wear skirts or dresses.  She loves to sing.  She walks around the house "doing her opera" as she says.  I'm so very proud to be her mama!  When she was born, it changed my life in so many ways.  I remember being in the ultrasound room and they told me that she was a girl....I cried.  I was just certain that I would be an "all boy" mom.  I had the two boys already, was just sure this one would be a boy as well.  I was raised in an all girl family and I had always wanted a daughter.  I love my boys just as much as I love my girls, but there is just something extra that you get out of raising a child that is the same gender as you.  I suspect dads feel the same way about boys.  You suddenly realize that she will be watching YOU and will grow up in YOUR a different way than a boy watches his mom.  It changed me....for the better.  I'm so grateful for this little gift in my life.  She adds some very essential ingredients to the recipe that is our family.

Isabella Megan Caroline Carter  
 or Isla for short (prounounced eye-lah)

 The only belly shot I could find of me when I was pregnant with Isla.  We had gone out for my birthday, and I was joking around.  Yes, I know this is a goofy picture...

Her hospital picture

Daddy holding her in the hospital

just after coming home for the first time

Easter, 1 month old

at the charleston aquarium with Aunt Joi

With my mom (tutu).  She was the snuggliest baby EVER

Attacking her cousin Tanner.  She was so intense at this age....this was the funniest

first Halloween.  With her cousin Ivey.  I made her butterfly costume. 


First birthday.  She was enamored with the fire. 

fell asleep in her cake! 

just after learning to walk

2nd Easter. 
On the way to church.  

Brother Chase

with her baby sis. 

Halloween costume contest with daddy

one of my favorite shots

Caught her in the kitchen cabinets.

all four of my precious kids

old school rainbow brite from the 80s
first day of preschool

Three generations

at the doctor's office

first day of her second year of preschool

in the hospital emergency room after having a seizure.  

In a Savannah thrift store with her brother Chase

This one cracks me up....she is totally flinging sand all over her brothers. 

in Boone, NC at Tweetsie Railroad. 

playing with her great grandfather.  I love this one. 

Isla and Tutu! 

Her fourth birthday party

Daddy's girl.  (if you look closely, you'll see that my husband's shirt says "it's all good in the hood" and has a picture of Mr. funny....

looking like her mama! 

First day of school this year

Love her so much! 

Forgive all of the photos.  I really enjoyed re-living the past five years today while I tried to whittle down the the end, I just used most of them.  I'm guilty....I'm a mom.  


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