Friday, March 7, 2014

Happenings and goings on..

Hey Hey Hey!
Happy Friday!  I'm so thrilled it's Friday!  I'm ready for a weekend with my family.  It's been tough for the past little bit.  My husband was out of town for a week and then he arrived home sick as a dog and stayed sick for another week on top of that.  He is just now starting to feel as all of my fellow stay at home moms know, when there's no dad, there's no time off!  I am so glad to share the workload for a couple of days.  That's what I consider "time off".... It's impossible for either of us to be 100 percent "off work." when we're "off work."  If he uses his time off work to truly be "off" and not watch kids or take care of household chores, then I would never ever get a break.  If I took his time "off" to check out completely and leave all of the work to him when he's home, then he would never get a we share the burden when he's off....and we both get a halfway break....and boy am I ready for that halfway break!

Yesterday I started a new thing.  Have you guys heard of Isagenix?  My husband and I are going to do it together.

...those were just some pictures I found on the internet to give you a little bit of an idea of what Isagenix is.

It's basically a diet system with all kinds of supplements and prepackaged foods with a schedule of when you take it, etc. They have shakes, bars, a juice cleanse, chocolates, little snacks....all kinds of stuff...and it's all natural ingredients.  They are basically taking all of the guess work out of optimal nutrition and making it super convenient.  I have been doing the same diet routine for so long, that my body is getting pretty used to it.  I was thinking a jaunt of Isagenix will help shake things up a bit in my body.  I've only been on it two days so far, but I've lost 4 pounds already.  I will keep you guys posted with how it works for me.  I'm excited!  The first day was fine.  I wasn't hungry at all, but I did have a big headache and was really sleepy all day.  The second day, I have had much more energy, and no headache.  I'm thinking it was caffeine withdrawals.  I had been on a crystal lite energy kick for a little while and I haven't had it for the past two days, so that may be the culprit.  If anybody out there decides they want to try this, let me know....because if I refer two other people, I get my stuff for free...and you know I'm all about free stuff ;)

In other news...

I started making this....

I found a tutorial here and here on how to make it.  I'm going to do my own spin on it though.  I bought white jersey knit sheets to use, but I'm debating dying them a dusty rose color like in this picture...or just staying with white.  I'm still not sure.  

I'm going to be making two of them.  One for each of my little girl's beds.  Right now all they have are random mismatched blankets.  I've been needing to get them decent bedding for awhile now.  I saw this quilt for the first time on Good Luck Charlie, of all places.  This was the quilt on the oldest daughter's bed in the show.  I googled around until I found it and saw that it was from Anthropologie. Thought about buying it....for a hot minute....and then came to my senses.  Then I found this tutorial and all is right in my world.  Isn't it pretty!  I can't wait to get these done!  

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm going to be enjoying my time just hanging out with my sweet kids and the man I love!  Nothing makes me happier.  


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