Monday, April 7, 2014

I"m back....and a few updates

Hey there!
Sorry for the hiatus!  I have been taking the time off from blogging to get myself better organized.  I took all last week to do some projects that I can blog about this week!  I am going to be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from here on out.....or I'm going to try reeeeally hard to stick to that schedule.  Now that I've gotten myself a week ahead on projects, I can keep up the momentum better.  My plan is to post on Mondays about a craft or little thing I've created.  Wednesdays are going to be for any ongoing building projects or any bigger things I may be working on.  Fridays are going to be more lifestyle related, or whatever the heck I feel like writing.  I think this balance will suite me nicely and I should be able to keep up :)  I really love blogging, so don't write me off just yet! During this time off, I kept thinking what I would write as I was working on different things around here.  It sure has gotten under my skin, ha!

Today is a rainy Monday and honestly I don't feel like doing much.  My house is a bit of a mess and I don't feel like cleaning it up....although, I must....We had an amazing weekend full of family time and General Conference talks.  It has really uplifted my soul.  It's my favorite time of the year :)  One of the little things I fixed up around here was a little hook rack that I've had forever.  You can see it in the pictures of my girls' room here.  The current state of this rack was this:

It had wooden peg type knobs that were glued into the holes.  It was originally one of these wood racks that you can buy at hobby lobby or somewhere in an unfinished state, and then fix it up yourself.   My sister-in-law bought it and painted and glued little wooden decals onto for my oldest son as a gift when he was really little.  I don't have any pictures of what it used to look like, but it was navy blue and had basketballs and dinosaurs glued to it, and each knob was painted a different bright color.  It was a really sweet gift, and I hated to paint over it, but the boys had outgrown it, and I had thought of a new use for it, so I re-purposed I painted it the same color that is on the girls' walls and hung it up and called it a day.  Well, those little wood knobs did not you can see.... and the glue from where that basketball had previously been glued on bled through the was a hot mess.  

I found these sweet little knobs on sale at Target, and I thought they would be perfect in the girls' room.

I unscrewed the wood piece from the wall, drilled small holes through the existing holes so that they would go all the way through the back of the board.  As they were, they only were sunken holes for the wood pegs to sit in.  Then I placed the screws through the back of the wood so that I could screw the knobs on to the front....and I tightened those bad boys so hard, no child should EVER be able to get them off!!!

Then I puttied the screw holes and touched up the paint wherever it was needed.  I just painted over the bleed through spot....I know, I should have primed it, but I'm lazy.  Here's hoping that several coats of paint will keep it in check.  If not, then I guess I'll break out the primer and do that part correctly.  

For now, I think it looks great!  It was a quick little update that has definitely improved the cute-ness and functionality of their room!  

I'll be back on Wednesday to show you the quilt I made.  It turned out so pretty! 

Hope you all have a great day! 


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