Friday, February 7, 2014

How to cut a bell pepper....pain free and seed free!

Hey there!  How are all of you?  I am still neck deep in working on a new cleaning and organizing system in my house.  I'm pretty much laser focused on that right now.  I talked a little about that here...and I'll be sure to update you guys on how these changes have affected our household.  So's been AWESOME.  I'm totally on top of things and it feels great!  I'm just hoping that it holds after my "laser focus" decides to shift to something else (which it always does).  At least I know myself, right?  Side note...someone once told me that when you are in your 20s you are figuring out who you are...and when you are in your 30s you know who you are and are starting to figure out ways to work around that...ha!  So true.  I wonder what I'll have figured out by 40?

Today as I was making my daily salad I remembered the new trick I stumbled upon whilst making my daily salad....a few days ago.  I love bell peppers!  All colors.  I usually buy a couple green ones and then a three pack of red, yellow and orange.  I cut them up and munch on them all week.  I always add them to my salads too.  Love them.  What I don't love is cutting them.  It annoys the heck out of me.  Am I the only one here with this issue?  Maybe it's just me, but I just can't stand those stinking little seeds!  They are such a pain to get off and I have to take every piece of that I've just cut back over to the sink and rinse them off just to get those seeds gone.....and sometimes that doesn't even do it all of the way. (and not to mention cleaning the seeds out of the sink when I'm done)  Well, I just happened to randomly decide to cut my bell pepper differently this time.  I have no idea why.  You know how you just "do" things sometimes with little to no thought.   It was amazing!  Like magic, I had no seeds!  You have no idea how happy this tiny thing made me.  Seriously.  I wanted to call everybody I knew and tell them about it!  But then I thought they'd all think I was a little crazy, so I refrained.  What's the next best thing....a blog post.  :)

Here's what you do....

You get your pepper and you make a cut all the way around the perimeter of the top.  Don't go too close to the center.  Stay at the top of the "bumps" 

Then you start at the top on the side of the pepper and you then proceed to cut all the way around the pepper, from the top on one side, around the bottom, and back up to the top on the other side.  Again....don't go too deep, just enough to cut through the side of the pepper.  

You will have cut it in half, except for the center portion which holds the seeds.

gently lift out the center section and discard. 

Voila!  no seeds (well one...but hey that's basically none, right) 

Ready to go!  No rinsing needed!'s the little things that make us happy, right?  

So, did I invent this method, or is this something everybody else does, but I just was doing it the wrong way all along?  Hopefully this is helpful to others who have been needlessly toiling with their bell pepper seeds as I was.  

Have a great day!  ......and go make a salad! 


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  1. Anna, I saw this post floating around pinterest today. I had NO IDEA it was YOUR blog's post! SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good one, Anna. No longer will I be frustrated by those pesky seeds.

  3. Hummm, apparently I have been doing it all wrong! I will have to give this a try next time. :-)

  4. This is awesome. There's a trick to coring iceberg lettuce too. You just lift the lettuce high over your head and smash the head on the counter, core side down. Then pull the core out. Also, it is a good excuse to mash something on the counter top :)

    1. Thank you! I knew the iceburg trick! My step mom taught me that one when I was a teenager! It is fun, though ;)

  5. Genius! I am definitely trying this next time :)

  6. ok, well, I'm not sure how people were cutting peppers....this is how I do it, but I still get pesky seeds. I'm glad this worked so well for you, but I have yet to get mine so clean even though I cut it this way. seriously, how were you cutting it before??

    1. I would either cut it in half completely and then scrape out all of the insides with the knife, or I would cut the top out (as I do above) and then pull the top strait out, which would yank all of the seeds off as it came out, so they'd be all over the place inside the pepper. I just make sure to cut far away from the center when I'm cutting it. The idea is to try not to disturb the chunk of seeds with your knife while you are cutting it. Like I said, I happened upon this by accident, but I have been able to get it almost completely clean on the regular since I figured this out. Best of luck.

  7. How cool is that! Thank you so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend. Pinned to our party board. :)