Thursday, February 13, 2014

What to do with used up stickers? Make a pillow....a Valentines pillow!

We are still shut in our house after having a SECOND ice storm in South Carolina in 30 days.  I can hardly believe it, actually.  The kids will be out of school for the third day tomorrow, and we have just been hanging out in the house.  I'm still feeling under the weather, but am a bit better.  I actually got up and did the dishes today.  I had to sit down half way through (this mess is in my lungs and I've been a bit out of breath), but at least I have been sort of productive.  My oldest daughter and I worked on her Valentine's box for school (they'll be celebrating on Tuesday, since they have been out all week).  I was totally late with that project, but there was no rush, since they were out of school.  I also made a little Valentines pillow for just a hint of Valentines decor around here.  I had plans to do a few other things, but being sick kind of derailed me.  There's always next year.

Here's my daughter's Valentines box.  I just have to share, because it's too cute.  It was much cuter before she covered it in stickers....but it's supposed to be her project, so I had to let her decorate it the way she wanted.  We covered a cereal box with grey chevron fabric using spray adhesive and a couple spots of hot glue....then we added glitter ribbon and pom pom trim with hot glue, and then we made an "I" and a few hearts out of card stock, covered them with pink fabric (using spray adhesive) and then hot glued them to the box.  The rest is stickers, stickers, stickers!  ha!

She's totally going to have the coolest box!

ok...on with the tutorial.

I was at preschool last week with my youngest daughter and we were making a Valentine's craft.  They used up a ton of heart stickers, and I suddenly had the thought.....hey, why throw these away, the sticker outlines would be a great stencil.  So I asked them if I could take a few of the used up sheets of stickers home with me.  I have a TON of left over drop cloth material after making my curtains.  I will show you those later, even though you've basically seen them here.  So I decided to whip up a cute pillow cover for Valentines day using those stickers and some drop cloth material.

First, I measured my pillow.  It was 15 inches tall and 17 inches wide.  
Then I folded my fabric around my pillow to get a good idea of how much overlap I would have on my pillow cover.  (this is just a basic envelope style pillow cover....that you can find everywhere) 

I folded the material, using the seam that was
already there (from the edge of the dropcloth) as my finished edge for the back pocket.  I folded that edge first, so that it was on the inside, and then I folded the unfinished edge over on top of it.  (I didn't bother finishing it, since it's on the inside and you'll never see it.

There are those purple pants again.....
Once it was folded, I adjusted it until the side edge was 14 inches (one inch less than my pillow measurement) and then I marked the sides to reflect a width of 16 inches, which was one inch less than the width of my pillow.  I went ahead and trimmed the sides so that I had a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  It just made it easier to deal with on the sewing machine.  So my total width of fabric was 17 inches, but I marked 1/2 inch in on either side, so that I had a 16 inch wide pillow cover.  Does that make sense? 

Next all I did was sew a strait line up both sides.  Easy peasy.  

Turn it inside out and you've got a pillow cover. 

Next I took the emptly stickers and cut them up, so that they were separated.  

Then I lined them up on my pillow cover, measuring the distance between the points on the hearts (make sure you are looking at the hearts and not the white around the hearts...those are uneven and will result in unevenly spaced hearts)  I measured from point to point.  I measured from side to side and from top to bottom as I added a new row.  

There weren't enough stickers to cover the entire pillow, so I worked in batches.  I just made sure the sticker was really pushed down for each one before I started painting.  I chose to paint my hearts in gold :)

Originally I was going to put a different strip of fabric down the middle, so that's why I was working in a weird pattern there....I ended up scrapping that idea, so I just filled the rest in after this. 

For a little fun, I decided to make these three little hearts in the middle a different color.  

I had some little glitter letter stickers from the valentines box you see I just used a few to give my hearts some hugs and kisses :)

I alternated those with pink and red. 

The Xs didn't come out as clear as the O did, so I just filled them in with red.  I think it looks better that way anyways.  

It looks super cute, I think!  

I tried adding some pom pom trim...which I think is totally cute, and if this were going in my daughter's room, I'd definitely add it....

but in the end, I like the simple understated look of the pillow without the pom poms.  It flows better with the main part of my house, so that's what I went with.  

Which do you like better?  

Have a happy Valentines Day!!!  

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