Thursday, February 20, 2014

Painted Doors

 Good Afternoon everybody!  I am choosing to have a nice peaceful afternoon after a crazy hectic morning. It is suddenly very warm outside this week and I am reminded that I actually do, in fact, live in South Carolina.  I was getting confused there for a little while, with all of the snow plows and ice storms and such.  It's nice.  I have had all of the windows open in the house and the gentle breeze and fresh air that comes in stirs up excitement and motivation in me.  I'm ready for spring :)  How about you?

Today I'm going to share with you a couple of spaces in my house.  I have painted almost every door in my home a different color.  I know that sounds crazy, but I seriously LOVE it.  I made sure to paint each door with a color that coordinated both with what was around it on the outside and also the color scheme of the room inside of the door.  I have said before that our house is basically one big center room (our living room or great room)...and then most everything else opens into said room.  It's actually not a huge room either (sigh...I need a bigger house, but I'm totally grateful for the one I have!).  Our living room has soaring vaulted ceilings so it makes it feel that's good at least.  I have two hallways....they aren't really hallways, though....more like squares with doors on every wall.  One on either side of the front part of my living room.  You can see the layout below.

I have some pictures from a recent baby shower that show you pretty much my entire living room as it is now (it is in process of being made most of what you see will change, except the couch...can't justify getting another couch with little kids that will destroy a new one)

This shot is if you were to be standing in front of the back door and facing diagonally across the living room towards the entryway....there were extra chairs and lots of people, but you can see the hallway in this shot.  You can also see the door to my garage...the only one that's not painted.  I appear to be off in my own world, oddly gazing out the widow in this shot.  I have no idea what that's all about.

Here are the other two doors in that hallway.  The blue door is to the master bedroom, and the green door is to the laundry room and once you pass through the laundry room, there's another door that goes up the stairs....such a weird layout.  I can't stand that you have to go through the laundry room to get upstairs.  We have plans to change the washer and dryer nook into built ins and put the laundry room out in the garage.  I love the combo of the blue and green together in this hall.  It feels fresh and almost nautical to me.  I'll be adding more stuff to the walls in here too.  It's totally unfinished. 

Okay, so back to my living room...This shot is standing in the same place (in front of the back door) but instead of looking across diagonally (which would be to the right of what you are looking at), this is looking strait ahead.  You can see my other little hallway in this shot.

Here is what this hallway looks like.  See what I mean when I say that I can't exactly call it a's all doors.  The gray door is the kid/guest bathroom, the aqua door is both of my little girl's shared room and the yellow door is our spare bedroom/guest room/ gonna be an office too someday room.  Right now it just houses a queen bed, and all of my girls' clothes.  It was better to keep them in a separate room from all of the rest of their stuff for the sake of my sanity.  
I know, if you compare the first hallway with this one, the colors do not work at all....but it works in this house, because you are never able to see both halls at the same time.  I really love walking through my house and suddenly seeing a shot of aqua or grass green.  I think they are lovely.  There is also another door that is just to the left of the bathroom which is still white, but it's a teensy skinny door to our linen closet.  Someday I'll probably paint that too...just haven't gotten to it yet.  

ok....disclaimers about this photo.....Yes, the floor is unfinished in this shot.  In the spare room (which I am too ashamed to show you a picture of until I've actually already fixed it up...then I'll let you see how bad the before was), the floor is half done.  I know, it's a sad situation.  I still have not gotten around to putting in the one small piece that needs to be slid under those door casings.  I just, as I'm typing this, decided that I need to get on that asap, because it looks horrible.  Way to go blog!  Keep me accountable!   The other little bit that is unfinished, is the transition strip to the bathroom.  We left it off because we are going to be tiling the bathroom soon (water damaged linoleum currently lives in there and it needs to GO very soon). 

The other thing about this photo is the chain lock on my daughters' door.  I have to explain before you guys think I'm some horrible mom who locks her children away.  We only use this at night, after they have already fallen asleep.  My girls don't like to have the door closed, so we leave it open until they fall asleep and then we lock it.  In the event that they wake up during the night and find it locked, we decided the best thing was to have the chain, so that they don't feel trapped and they can still see out, and yell out.   We decided to do this after having a few incidents of my daughter getting up in the middle of the night and rummaging through the fridge, and getting into things she shouldn't.  She doesn't come wake us up....she is super mischievous.  It's important to me for peace of mind to know they are safe and not playing with the knives in the kitchen or something.  Usually we are up before them and we unlock it before they wake up, so they don't feel trapped or anything.  I plan on phasing it out very soon... we have actually started leaving it unlocked here and there to see how things go, since she's hit three, she has been a little bit better about not getting into things.  

The last painted door is my back door.  I painted it navy! 
This isn't the super best shot, since it's hard to get a shot of windows....but I really love it.  I almost went black, but decided last minute that navy would be more fun.  You can  also see a little bit of my in progress built-ins right next to the door.  :) 

I also painted my front door a charcoal gray color, which you can see in some of the shots here, but I am not leaving it that color....I have plans to paint it a FUN color pretty soon!  

So there's a glimpse of some of my house....the pretty and the ugly! 

What do you think of the painted doors?  I LOVE them!  It's an easy, cheap way to add a splash of color to your house.  I was able to do each of these with just a test pot.  They were like 2.50 each.  I will have to dig up the paint colors and post them here soon.  

Hope you all have a great day! 

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  1. thanks for joining up and linking at Take-A-Look Tuesday - - just wanted to give you a heads up that I featured you yesterday!!

  2. I want to paint our door on our second floor. What do I need to do before painting? I am thinking black for both the trim and the door. 2 huskies and 3 kids doesn't do well with white paint as it is now.

    1. I would just do a coat of primer and then paint. With black, you will probably going to need to do at least three coats of the paint. Good luck! I'm sure it will look great!