Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Do it now!


How are things with you guys?  I have been a cleeeeaning machine! I am just barely settling down to write this post after running around all day today.  (time is now 12:48 am). I'm super tired, but the kind of tired that feels really good, because you have accomplished something.  I found this series while tooling around the web and I think it may just change my life.  It's The Housewife How-to's How to get organized and clean house in 30 days.  I'm following along from the beginning.  She just finished up her 30 days of posting.....I'm way late, but I started day 1 today.  Let's just say that it's totally going to take me 60 days instead of 30, because day 1 is going to take two days.  I've just been going around to each room in the house and making sure everything is in place, and then wiping down bathrooms and cleaning the kitchen and living room as I always do....then I'm supposed to organize one little thing each day and then deep clean one thing each day....I didn't even get to that today.  Day 1, I was supposed to organize my spice cabinet.  I guess I'll work on that tomorrow.  Let me tell you about this nasty habit I have.  I put things in baskets.  Instead of taking the few extra steps to put something in it's proper place, I find a basket and then say....ok, this basket is for everything that goes in my bedroom....or my bathroom, or the girls' room...or the boys' room.  In some ways this works really well.  For instance, my daughters are 3 and 4...plus I babysit a 2.5 year old full time too.  Those girls pull out a dump truck load of toys every single day.  They play HARD.....all over my house.  Well, I have their room meticulously organized.  Everything has a place.  It HAS to, or else it all wouldn't fit.  I think we may be princess toy hoarders.  I don't have the heart to get rid of their stuff.  They seriously play with ALL of it!  Anyways, I have a very large bin, and when I clean up my house and find their things, I just dump it all in this bin.....and then they pull it all back out the next day and so on.  I take the bin and go through it and put everything away each Saturday.  This system works very well.  What doesn't work very well is the dumping of all of my craft supplies (which I have stored in my master bathroom....temporary til I can get a good craft closet set up) in a basket to go into my bathroom, along with ties and belts my hub might leave around and random other things.....and then it sits in my room....and then I start another basket full of stuff that goes in my bedroom, or things that I don't really know what to do with like allll of the birthday cards I just got in December...then the stuff gets mixed up....then I start a new basket because I don't want to deal with the other ones and someone is coming over and I need to clear away the junk that is sitting out.  My bedroom becomes a basket graveyard. It becomes overwhelming and I just shut the door on it.  It's not the most relaxing of spaces....plus it gets really annoying when I have a bunch of laundry to do and all of my laundry baskets are "in use".  So the majority of what I've been doing today has been going through the junk baskets in my bedroom and putting things in their proper places.  My goal is to have a "do it now" mantra as I clean.  I love the advice that Katie gives on housewife how to's about laundry.  It's so easy and so simple.  PUT AWAY EACH LOAD AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT OF THE DRYER.  Sorry for the all caps, but I thought it needed emphasis.  How many of us just don't do this?  It is totally the secret, I tell ya! I think that way of thinking when it comes to housekeeping is crucial.  Do....it.....now...... say it with me!  Hopefully this will be some miraculous experience that totally changes my life!  I guess we shall see.  I will update you guys about it after my 30 days are up.

Well, It's my bed time for sure!
Have a wonderful day

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