Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A tisket a taskett....a painted basket!

Hi there!
I'm steady working on all my new year goals and ...resolutions and trying to get my fireplace done so I can post about it! I'm so excited to share it, I can hardly stand it.

 Today, I'm going to share a little tiny make-over I did on a basket I've had for awhile.  My mom lives in New Mexico and will occasionally send us things from there.  A few years ago, she sent me a basket that was very southwest, Native American in style.

 Now there's nothing wrong with that style, and it's a beautiful basket, but it just didn't jive with what I've got going on in my house.  I do love the basket and the overall design of it, so I decided to just paint the design a different color.

I found some paint that I had on hand.  A test pot of a light grey color (I wasn't into it on the wall, but it was pretty here), and a tube of white cheap-o craft paint from Wally World.

I decided to paint the zig zag portion grey and the red stripe, white.

The bottom was a little rough, but it still covered really well.

The top went a whole lot smoother, since it didn't have any of the little rough bits like the bottom has.

My three year old grabbed the camera while I was painting, and miraculously got this halfway good shot, ha!  There were some others that she took that weren't so, um....flattering?

It was pretty easy to paint, yet very time consuming.  You have to paint the top surfaces of the basket, and then go back and kind of stipple into the cracks with the end of your brush....and you have to do that aaaaalll the waaaayyy around.  It did take forever.

I think It turned out pretty nice :)

This goes much better with the color scheme in my house.  I'm using it for mail that needs to be sorted.  (I'm grateful this picture was a little you can't see my address on that envelope)
and P.S...that wall you see there...totally getting re-done soon, so stay tuned for that!

I have to say, I'm kind of in love with it.

Oh...and I added a little dot of white in the middle...just for fun.

  Have you painted any baskets?  How did it go for you?  It's kind of one of those things you need a good movie on to pass the time, but it was a nice mindless thing to do after a day full of chasing crazy kids.

Have a lovely day!

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