Monday, January 27, 2014

Just an update

How are things! Things are great here.  We are having a lovely 70 degree day and it feels like spring today.  It's so hard to believe we will be having a polar vortex coming our way tomorrow and it will be in the single digits with snow and ice.  I'm going to make sure I go running this evening before it gets super cold.  I've committed myself to run a 5K in about a month, so I have to make sure I'm ready for that.  I haven't been exercising much in the last year...but I'm really really ready to get myself moving again.  I've been running a few times and I forgot how amazing it feels.  I'll report back on my progress with that later.  We had a pretty full weekend.  We had plans to go out to eat with some friends on Friday night, but both couples cancelled on we ended up having a date by ourselves, which hasn't happened in so very long.  It was nice, but I'm still kind of wishing we wouldn't have spent so much on dinner....ouch!  It seemed like such a waste.  I always feel that way about paying so much money for food.  My initial thought is always that I could have spent that money on something that will still be there the next day, like a pair of shoes or a new outfit or some cute decorative item for my house.....but we all do it, don't we.  I spent the day Saturday re-upholstering a chair that I've had.  I've never seen a chair in such bad shape, actually.  But! After a lot of TLC, She's starting to be quite the stunner now, but I'm still adding nail-head trim (It's a beast, I tell ya).  I can give you a sneak peek, though.

  I'll be sharing that whole process with you guys tomorrow probably, or at least the day after....depending on how much nailing I get done tonight.  Sunday, we spent the day over at my mother-in-law's house with our whole family.  We celebrated two birthdays and we had some very special touching moments.  My husband's grandfather wanted to take the time while we were all in one place to go around the room and have everyone express their thoughts and feelings about our family and our testimony.  It turned into a tear filled evening, but it was wonderful and my heart is still full from it.  I really do have the best family ever!  So, today is back to the usual grind and hopefully I can get out tonight to run for a bit and then go to the store (if there's anything left at the store)  I've been told that people have been making a run on the stores in anticipation for the impending arctic doom that everyone is expecting.  I like living in the south and all, but it makes me laugh how people get with just the threat of snow.  They FREAK out!  This would have just been another day up in Connecticut where I lived as a child....and even when we lived in Virginia, it had to be an serious amount of snow for them to cancel school.....and let's not even mention Minnesota.  Now that was cold!  I just find it kind of funny....funny, but awesome, because I get to have my kiddos home and we can huddle up and take a nice break in the middle of the week this week.  If only my husband would be off too....but I"m sure he'll be patrolling the streets looking for people who are stranded or stuck that need help, because nobody around here knows how to drive in ice or snow....and the town itself isn't prepared for clearing the streets to make it safe for people to drive either.  Maybe while we are shut in for a few days, I can get some work done on my fireplace that I'm just dying to share on here.  I haven't really done much with it since I had that baby shower a few weeks ago.  (speaking of....I haven't forgotten that I need to show you the decorations from that either!).  I always end up stalling out on projects right when I'm coming down the home stretch.  I wonder why that is?  Anybody else do that?  I guess maybe I get my fix when I see things start to come together and I can visualize it finished, so I'm not that motivated anymore?  I really have no idea.....but I do intend to get it finished soon!

I hope everyone stays warm.  If we are getting such cold temps here in the south, I can not imagine how bad it must be elsewhere.

Enjoy your last day of nice weather for a bit, South Carolina!



  1. The chair looks great! Can't wait to see the finished project + fireplace :-).