Friday, January 17, 2014


Good Morning! 
We have a sick house today.  The kids are feeling better already, but my husband and I are both not feeling well.  He's a bit worse than I am, so I'm watching the little kids from the couch while he sleeps.  Things are a bit wild here.  My daughters are both half dressed, and have already gotten into way too much that they shouldn't have.  My youngest smells like windex because my older daughter sprayed her with it.  I realize that Windex shouldn't be left out where two little girls can get it, but oops, I left it on the counter after cleaning up vomit off of my kitchen table last night.  My poor 11 year old lost all of his homework, his report card and his school binder to the throw up.  So we are just in survival mode right now.  I'm am just wishing my hubby will feel better.  Partly because he feels so bad and I can't stand to see him so sick...and partly because, I want him to take a turn watching little ones, so I can take a nap!  How's that for selfish....

Anyways, here's a shot of my crazies today.  

This one drew dots all over her face
 and this one is joker from batman...and she has mascara on her eyebrows....and she insisted on the hat too...

and all they are wearing is black leggings for number 1 and underwear for number 2.  

Fun times

  I'll spare you the photographs of my utterly destroyed house.  
Hope you all are having a better day than I am.

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