Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tips To Get Over a Cold Quickly and Naturally: The Journey to Wellness

Good Afternoon!  Today is a beeeeautiful spring day.  I am one of the few who get to actually enjoy the spectacular springs in South Carolina.  A lot people around here are shut indoors with seasonal allergies because the pollen is pretty intense.  Anyways, I'm loving this time of year.  It has inspired me to get some outside projects started.  I'm working on making over my front porch area soon.  It's currently pretty sad.  Stay tuned for those projects.  I'm also slowly chipping away on finishing my fireplace, so that will be a pretty big reveal coming up pretty soon too.

Today I'm going to share an article from another blog.

 The article is called Natural Remedies for the Common Cold. and it is written by Joi from The Journey to Wellness.  I read this post this morning and, Let me tell ya....I was very impressed.  These are some very helpful tips on how to ward off a cold using natural remedies....and why some of the over the counter remedies are doing more harm than good.   I just had to share with you guys.   I've always been interested in health and wellness and have actually done a lot of research on it myself.  Everything she says here is spot on with what I've read before, and's SO SIMPLE.  My eight year old could read this and understand it completely.  She has a knack for taking a complicated topic and breaking it down very simply for you.  It's a very easy read and you come away with a bunch of information that makes you go...."oh, wow, I didn't know that...that's good to know."  like this little excerpt:

"9.Stay away from refined sugar. Refined sugars like margarine or white flour can actually repress your immune system and reduce the action of your white blood cells. Not to mention, it also feeds bacteria and viruses, and has absolutely no nutritional value. I know it is hard not to grab for the ice cream when you're feeling under the weather, but resist, and you will feel so much better!"

I hope you go check out this brand new blog, show her some love, and educate yourself to a better way of living and eating.

Okay....and I do have one more little thing to say
Joi from The Journey to Wellness is also my little sis!

I didn't want to start off with that because I didn't want people to think that my raving review of her blog was just because she's my sister.  My review is based solely on my true opinion.  In fact, she asked me to share her blog a week ago, and (even though I liked it) I told her I was going to wait until she had more content because it is so brand new.....but when I read this post, I liked it so much, I just had to share!

There you have it, go visit my sis at The Journey to Wellness and you can follow her facebook page here and her google plus page here.

Here are some obligatory cute pictures of my sis and I

 With our mom

Hugging my cute kids

 It was the 80s!  I'm holding her as a baby. 

Hope you all have a lovely spring day :)

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