Monday, December 30, 2013

Temple Picture

Just a quick post to show you a craft I made the other day just in time for Christmas.  A good friend of mine just recently had a little baby girl, and a tradition of mine lately has been to make one of these cute temple silhouette pictures for the new babies in our church.  This could be done with any kind of silhouette, a different kind of church building, a person, your house....the sky is the limit.  I have been making our LDS temple because it is a pure, lovely symbol and reminder of the things we believe. Many people in our faith put temple pictures up in their kids' rooms, but I've never really seen any around that are really CUTE.  They are all nice and I have no problem with any of the ones that I've seen, but they just aren't as cute as I would wish they would be.

 Here is the most recent picture I've made:

The empty space at the bottom of the picture will have the saying "I love to see the temple" in it, in gold letters....I'm just waiting to get the vinyl from my girlfriend who has a silhouette (I neeeeed a silhouette).  I'm impatient, though....and I wanted to share :) 

 I love it and hopefully it will be a reminder to this sweet girl that she is a lovely daughter of god on a daily basis.

I will be back tomorrow with a rundown of my current DIY plans for this house of mine.


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  1. This is an adorable idea! I will be doing this for Christmas. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I remember when a talk was given that our children should have a picture of the temple up in their rooms, so I also made my own! A new temple is about to open about five minutes from my house so I'll have to make new ones soon. Love the colors you chose!

  3. What a beautiful idea! I wish I were able to do things like that :)

  4. That is beautiful. I would love to do this for my little girl.

  5. Precious! Thanks for linking up to the Pretty Preppy Party! Heather @ Southern State of Mind