Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Black and White Gallery Wall

Good afternoon!  Today I am working on a building project (that I will share in a couple of days), so I thought I would share with you our kitchen gallery wall.  My whole kitchen has a black and white color scheme.  The cabinets and floor are white, while the counter tops are a dark grey speckled color and I have a white bead board backsplash.  I started this color scheme because, well, I love black and white, but also because one of the gifts my mother-in-law gave me when I was first married was a black and white Spode platter.  She has a blue and white (you know, the standard stuff you see) collection of Spode so she has always bought some of it for her daughters and daugther-in-laws.  I didn't even know they made it in black and white until she found some on a trip to the mountains.  I just love it and think it's absolutely gorgeous.

 I have the platter hanging over my stove.  You can't tell in the picture, but it's pretty big.  

This bowl is Spode too....and it was crazy expensive.  That was a gift from the hubby years ago.  

I have four smaller (dinner size) plates that I have hung on the wall in a gallery wall behind my kitchen table. 

I hate the off center light fixture.....which I ramble on about in this post.  And I SO wish there was a better place to put the trash can....but alas there just isn't.  
Funny thing is I have had this gallery wall up for a pretty long time, well before it became an "in" thing to do (ditto for the plates on the wall).  And you know what?  I STILL love it just as much as I did when I first hung it.  I think it could stand a few pictures switched out and a few new frames, but I do love it :).  The plans for this space are to add crown molding and then add some wainscoting across the wall under the gallery wall.....and not to mention fixing up the table and getting new chairs, and a new chandelier.  

Here are some more shots of the gallery wall.  All of the pictures are black and whites of my babies.  

My boys when they were little.  

You can see the true wall color in this shot below....it's a very very light almost white blue grey.  I don't know what color it is, because I mixed it up myself with a couple of test pots of darker colors and a big gallon of white paint. I LOVE it though.  It ended up being my favorite paint color in the house. 

I have curtains framing out the entrance to my kitchen and you can see them in this shot. 
I also have plans to remove single upper cabinet you see in this shot and put up open shelves....just in that spot, but that's a long way down on the priority list.  

Here's what was happening when I pushed the table out of the way to get a decent shot of the wall.

and then she dumped her cheerios all over the floor. 

I love motherhood :)  

Anyways, that's my little black and white gallery wall.  Hope everybody has a great day and I'll be back soon with the planters I'm building :)  

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  1. I always love a wall collage. The plates on the wall are stunning, and black and white pictures add such a great feel to it. I found you on a link up party and you were one of the projects I noticed right away. I posted your project and a link to it as well. Just discovering your blog, and glad I did!

    1. Thank you so much! That's awesome! I always feel like I'm such a bad picture taker, that it means a lot to hear that someone was immediately drawn to a photo I took. I'm so glad you like it!

  2. Black and white is one of my favorite color combos to decorate with. Your wall looks lovely! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


    1. Thank you! I am a sucker for black and white....always have been :)

  3. Found you from Blog it Forward. Love the gallery wall! I am working on my gallery wall right now for my living room. Hopefully it will be done soon and I can put a post up! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Tara! I have been checking out your blog tonight as well! Can't wait to see what you do :) xo

  4. What a beautiful gallery wall, Anna! I love how it turned out. So glad I found you on TT&J--you've got a great blog:)

    Katie @ Fun Home Things

  5. I, too have a major thing for a gallery wall -- love how you went with black and white -- looks great! XO, Aimee

  6. Hi Anna - Love this! This is a Friday Favorites Feature at http://imnotatrophywife.com - goes live Thursday night!